Condition of Roads in the Neighborhood

Our roads were rebuilt 8 years ago, and since then they’ve been neglected by the Livingston County Road Commission. Pat Hohl, Hamburg Township Supervisor, is our official representative to the LCRC and I have been complaining to Pat about deteriorating roads for the past two years. Yesterday (4/24/2019) I met with Pat and he promised to check with the LCRC and get us some action. Here is Pat’s email follow-up:

Hello Larry,
The Livingston County Road Commission has informed me that Strawberry Hills Estates will be crack filled this year. I do not have a specific date. Once the job is scheduled I will let you know.

Thank you for stopping today and checking

If we haven’t seen any LCRC trucks in the neighborhood by the end of the summer I plan to re-visit Pat at the township offices.
– Larry Gauthier

3 thoughts on “Condition of Roads in the Neighborhood

  1. Good call on looking into the road maintenance. I was wondering about the same last fall as I was crack filling my driveway. I would follow-up mid-summer versus end of summer, as it might be too late for them to reprioritize based on remaining budget, workload, and remaining priorities by end of summer. Just a thought.

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