Pontoon Slip Owners – 2019

This drawing was conducted pursuant to the rules adopted by the Joint Access Committee, in conjunction with the Boards of Directors of the Strawberry Hills Estates and the Strawberry Point Bluffs Homeowners Associations.

Slip #1 – Kass, Sean & Corinne
Slip #2 – Slothower, Josh
Slip #3 – Alex, Frank & Janice
Slip #4 – Patton, Sue
Slip #5 – Gauthier, Larry & Irene
Slip #6 – Ouillette, Joe & Tara
Slip #7 – Landis, Scott & Denise
Slip #8 – Converse, David & Debbie
Slip #9 – Greko, John & Nancy
Slip #10 – Nelson, Frank & Cynthia
Slip #11 – Phillips, Gary & Marilyn
Slip #12 – Flynn, David
alt1 – McManus, Bill & Lisa
alt2 – Taylor, Don & Linda

JAC Meeting date has been changed to Sunday March 10th, 2019

UPDATE: The 2019 JAC annual stickers have arrived! These are being sold as a fundraiser item for the  JAC and are available for $10 each. They are 4″ round and made of durable outdoor weather resistant vinyl. They will be available at this JAC meeting and every meeting going forward. Thank you for your support!

The next JAC Meeting date has been changed to Sunday March 10th, 2019 @ 10:00am at 5206 Gallagher (Greko residence). This is the day before the Pontoon Slip Lottery so please attend this meeting if you have any questions or concerns regarding the event.

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2019 Annual Pontoon Slip Drawing Notice

The Joint Access Committee will be holding our annual Pontoon Slip Drawing at:

Hamburg Township Library – Room B
Monday, March 11th 2019 @ 7:00pm

Lottery entry is open to all eligible homeowners in the Strawberry Hill Estates and Strawberry Point Bluffs Associations. Pontoon slips at our park access are in short supply and will assigned to the holders of the first 12 picks of the lottery. A donation from each slip winner to the Joint Access Committee in the amount of $350.00 is strongly recommended.

The results of the drawing will be posted here upon completion. Good Luck!


We were astounded by the number of respondents.  It is evident the community is ready for a heightened park experience!

Each of us has a vested interest in the park and this is the first step to much needed improvements of the joint access.  Here are some of the results:

Of the 14 assets or groups of assets surveyed, the top five priorities are:

  1. Wood Seawall
  2. Swimming (Raft, Buoys, Rope)
  3. Boat Launch (Ramp, Dock)
  4. Pontoon Slip Area
  5. Porta Potty (Potty, Fence)

The five assets with the most “poor” ratings are:

  1. Wood Seawall
  2. Sporting (Basketball, Volleyball)
  3. Pontoon Slip Area
  4. Porta Potty (Potty, Fence)
  5. Boat Launch (Ramp, Dock)

The most alarming but not unexpected – Over a third of all the joint access assets are in poor condition!


Joint Access Committee meeting on Sunday, November 18th 2018 @10am

The next JAC meeting will be held on Sunday, November 18th @ 10am at 5206 Gallagher. The Meeting Agenda will be as follows:

  1. Discussing the results of the Park Assets Survey
  2. Discussing the DEQ meeting

It is important for us all to continue to be engaged and committed to our park so please make every effort to attend. See you there!