Condition of Roads in the Neighborhood

Our roads were rebuilt 8 years ago, and since then they’ve been neglected by the Livingston County Road Commission. Pat Hohl, Hamburg Township Supervisor, is our official representative to the LCRC and I have been complaining to Pat about deteriorating roads for the past two years. Yesterday (4/24/2019) I met with Pat and he promised to check with the LCRC and get us some action. Here is Pat’s email follow-up:

Hello Larry,
The Livingston County Road Commission has informed me that Strawberry Hills Estates will be crack filled this year. I do not have a specific date. Once the job is scheduled I will let you know.

Thank you for stopping today and checking

If we haven’t seen any LCRC trucks in the neighborhood by the end of the summer I plan to re-visit Pat at the township offices.
– Larry Gauthier

Easter Egg hunt was a Success!

The 2019 Easter egg hunt was a great success despite the bad weather, all the kids (and adults) still had a blast! We had a great turnout and had just enough time to get the hunt underway and finished up before the rain came down. A big thank you Corinne Kass for heading up this event again this year, we all appreciate your dedication to making the community a great place to live!

2019 Annual HOA Meeting Notice

The 2019 Annual meeting for the Strawberry Hill Estates and Strawberry Point Bluffs HOAs has been scheduled for April 30th @ 7:30 pm at the Hamburg Senior Center 10407 Merrill Rd, Whitmore Lake MI 48189. All members of both homeowners associations are welcome and encouraged to join.

Annual meeting agendas include:

  1. Roll call of the membership
  2. Reading of the minutes of previous meeting
  3. Reports of the Officers
  4. Reports of the Committees
  5. Unfinished business
  6. New business
  7. Election of Directors
  8. Adjournment

If you have any questions, please visit the contact page for information on how to get in touch with us. We look forward to seeing you there!

Free Bushes

UPDATE 4/1/19:  The bushes have been claimed!

John & Nancy Greko @ 5206 Gallagher Blvd are looking to get rid of some bushes in their yard. The bushes are Boxwood hedges and there are approximately 19 available for you to remove and take as many or as few as you would like. Thank You!